Willing Hearts Orphanage Donation Drive


PSME 69th Chapter had concluded a donation drive for “Willing Hearts Orphanage.”

The chapter with the leadership of Engr’s Gary Cacananta, Michael Genove, and Johnny Reyes; along with the support of Eng Anthony Tejada collected used clothing and cash donations.

The collected items were given to Mr Thomas, who would in turn sell those items and sends all the proceeds to Willing Hearts Orphanage in the Philippines.


“Collected used clothing”

The the collection for donations ended 14 July 2017, and was was quickly sent to St. Isidore Centre the following day.

“From left to right; Engr’s Johnny Reyes, Anthony Tejada, Michael Tayactac, and Reylina Tayactac”

For those still interested to donate, in cash or kind, you may still do so. Please send your donations at St. Isidore Centre, 50 Serangoon, North Ave. 4 #30-20 First Centre, Singapore 555856.

“Mr Thomas with Eng’rs Anthony Tejada and Johnny Reyes”

 “Eng’r Gary Cacananta, Mr Thomas, and Eng’r Anthony Tejada”

“Mr and Mrs Thomas with Eng’rs Anthony Tejada and Johnny Reyes”

“Mr Thomas with Eng’rs  Johnny Reyes Anthony Tejada, and Gary Cacananta

“Eng’r Gary Cacananta arriving at the centre”